Friday, October 31, 2008

Where should we put up a night honey?

Frequently asked question. Once come to accomdation, canton have plenty of it. So cheap and neat. These hotels, motels, guest houses (normally u won't want to stay there) are priced reasonably and attractive enough. Here is two choices having large chain network in China:

(Doesn't counted according to rank)

1) 7 Days Inn (
2) Motel 168 (

Tariff range from ¥158 - ¥300 depend on ur requirement. They are really big chain in China where u can easily found them in every city. 

Here is some photos of Motel 168

Photos for 7 days inn

Nothing luxury can say here but neat and tidy. Most important value is "Cheap".

Y so cheap? Will it be dangerous to stay at such cheap place?

Well, this question bothering me as well while i decided to put up a night there. But after 2 and a half year being here, i manage to find out y....

There r so many businessmen, sales personnels and some kind of others 'mobile' person in china moving around. As u know china is so big that u will need to fly 4 hours from southest to northest as domestic flight, they need to put up a night at destination. 

So here is the answer, demand for cheaper and cheaper hotel, motels and guest houses (for low end sales guy) getting higher. They are very frequent guest to the motel and that's y most of the motel u can find in lower price. Staying in hotel and motel just another kind of daily activity here, nothing special. So the price come down. Simple as that.

As u known, businessmen are around. So the room also provide free internet service ADSL cable connection type or WiFi wireless, depend on which outlet u r staying. 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we've just landed Canton!

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we've just landed in Guangzhou, PRC. The temperature outside is......"

This is very familiar for frequent flyer to Canton from Europe or US where most of the arrival time will be early in the morning about 5am-7am. Well, Canton airport are "Baiyun International Airport" with the airport code of "CAN"  (Canton. See, still using the word without change.)

First timer to Canton will be very surprise to be such a giant airport located in a place which about 4000km away from the country capital. Canton just another city in China whose population approximately 20 millions. Yes, u didn't get it wrong, it's 20 millions for a city, Canton. 

This airport handle most pessenger flow during Chinese New Year and National Day. Flow rate about 100,000 pessenger a day. Let's have a closer look for the airport lobby.

U can noticed China's flag everywhere in canton as chinese are quite patriotic. Let's have some outer look of Baiyun International Airport 

Day view of Baiyun International Airport from highway.

Night view of pretty Baiyun International Airport, Canton.

Here is a tips folks!

For backpacker, never and ever take airport cab (if u r on budget trip) since tariff from airport to canton city heart will easily take u ¥230 with meter. (¥called Yuan, NOT YEN! Eventhough they looks same. In China currency is Ren Min Bi. Means "People's Currency"). 

Solution? Take airport bus. Maybe u've been suffered from airport bus in other country, but u have my word! Airport bus in Canton is as comfort as Limousine. Can't find larger just get used to smaller one..hehehe..

The bus fare is ¥20 to Canton city centre. Cheap? For ur information, time taken to reach city between cab and bus are the same. So y pay more?!

Where can u find the bus?

Don't worry, once step out of immigration gate, immediately u can see the counter. There are more than 10 destinations at different gate. Make sure u r heading the rite direction. 

How to find the direction?


"Nei Hou (Pronouce as "Ne-hoo-u". Hello in Cantonese), i want to go to........."(make sure ur english simple enough. else chinese out there will get fainted of not understand what actually u r talking about).

If u ask the rite thing, u will end up with rite answer of which No. of the gate u should go towards. Go to the gate, u will find a girl standing there with Airport Express Uniform. Double confirm, ask again or read the destination board. Everything is so easy. 

While the bus arrive, put ur luggages in trunk and u should get a sticker from the Uniform girl (normally they will give u automatically but if they don't, ask for it.) or u will get ur luggage stolen. Go on board and collection of bus fare will be there.

After paying the fare, sleep or do whatever....cos it will take u 55 mins on highway with nothing special outside for u to 'enjoy'.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Canton = Yeong Sheng ?!

Every city have its landmark for certain reason where canton also having the same. It's call "Yang Cheng" (in Mandarin). "Yeong sheng" (in Cantonese). Direct translate into english is "Goat City". 

This is acquired from an ancient story that:

"Once upon a time five celestial beings in colorful robes were riding through the air on the backs of five flying male goats. Each goat carried in his mouth a stem of rice to guarantee that the place they chose to land would ever be free from famine (not Melamine, by the way). "

"Finding a spot to their liking with sub-tropical climate combined with a rich delta land and a long coastline, they landed and named the spot Goat City.  Since this fabled landing, the area has produced an abundance of fruits, vegetables and fish. The happy circumstance is that the people here have been well fed and have created an astonishing cuisine enjoyed throughout the world."

Simple and clear, don't u think so? Here is the photo of those five goats.

Whaaoo..... what a spectacular goats statue ........

See a stem of rice in goats' mouth? Now u know y..... This is the official landmark for Canton and u can easily see this during Asian Games hold in Canton 2010. The official logo is as below:

Mascot Logo as below:

So now u know how important these goats' impression to the cantonese. However, don't be worry that you can enjoy delicious lamb steak here. U are very welcome to try and in fact, canton did the best chinese cuisine in the world.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome to Canton!

Nei Hou, probably this is the sentence you will hear almost everywhere in Canton or well known as Guangzhou, PRC means "How Are You?" as former greeting word while meeting each other.

Guangzhou(in present chinese 广州, traditional chinese 廣州)formerly known as Canton in the past. Well, i believe most of the non-chinese language speaker must feel very tough to speak Guangzhou rather than Canton. This is why people prefer to pronounce Canton.

Yes, you can pronounce Guangzhou in Chinese-style (or in China known as "Pinyin")

"Guangzhou", in english "Gu-un-g-zu-o". Sound difficult? It just the beginning. Let's give some exercise to your tongue. In Cantonese (Canton language), "Gu-wong-za-o"

Alright folks, let check out how Canton looks like....

See the red dot? Yeah! you are right, that' s Guangzhou/Canton. (remember how to pronounce?)

I'm here since 2006 for working reason, so why not let me become your tour guide right here, right now? 

I won't talk too much about history, background, how this, how that. For that kind of information, please visit to Wikipedia free online source at the following link:

My job here is to show you a genuine local cantonese daily lifestyle with unformal writing behaviour. It's daily update, so lay on ur back and enjoy!