Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I want to go whole sale city of fabric and garment!

"Made in China"

U can find this statement almost everywhere especially garment. Basically most of the garment in asia region are imported from china. In fact southern part of china especially canton having the most wholeseller and factories representative here for taking purchase order.

Quality wise vary from top to low end. This is totally depend on what price u offer to them. This is quite amazed me since i'm in tyre industry where commonly people will have the thinking of best, middle and low end quality category in this industry but to be frank i was so surprise to find out that tyre quality can ranged more than 10 types for same size and same pattern. So the rule for importing commodity from china is --- price = quality.

Of course this doesn't include those newbie for importing where being cheated by the manufacturer whom supply bad quality product with high price. Experience take place in this scene. Anyhow, get to know more about importing is good and i'm going to share u a place where most of the importer will come and seal mass purchase order, Fabric City.

Fabric city is very close to Guangzhou Train Station. Please be very clear on this, there are 2 train stations in canton. The Older one named Guangzhou Train Station, the later one named Guangzhou East Train Station.

How to get there?
Option A:
Take subway green line (Line 2) towards upper left to the station named "Guangzhou Huo Che Zhan" (广州火车站). This is same u will have to choose which exit since each exit can also lead u to the fabric city, just which block.

Option B:
Take any taxi in canton and show them this sentence:


Fare from Teemall to the place will cost u around ¥30.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can i owned some leather stuff since canton is major city for exporting leather product and so forth?

"Oh my god! That's Prada!" "Honey! That's LV!" "Damn! That's Gucci!" 

So surprise to see so many duplicate in this market especially export worldwide. First impression in this place feels like u r in Africa since a lot of african hanging around this place for purchasing. This place is famous of leather stuff from shoes, boots,bags, belts, wallet, purse, name card holder, watch stripes, laptop holder and bla bla bla...............whatever u want, name it or if u really can't get, make it with placing order.

I would say, most of the boots u saw in Europe and US is origin from here. If the price in ur place is US$ 150, here is RMB150. How would u feel with ur boot right now? 

"No! It cant' be, there must be something else different so that the price will be so much different!"

Yes u r absolutely right. Things different between ur boots and those laying here is BRAND. U can't see any brand on these boots but famous brand in ur place. 

Besides, i would recommend u to have a look on bags which will give u another kind of impact especially those branded name like LV, CK, GUCCI, FENDI, BURBERRY, MONT BLANC and so forth. This time, i would say the quality is totally different from the original but appearance doesn't make suspicious eyes.

I strongly suggest u to purchase in mass quantity cos they will give away much discount if u tell them this is for "sample" purpose since that place is whole sale market. It really worth and present these bags or luggage as christmas gift may polish ur face another round, why not?

Price between 1-5 are almost same. But once u purchase more than 10, it could be very much different.

"How much different?"

50% or more. 

U'll have to train up ur real bargaining power from Beijing Road, Shang Xia Jiu Lu and so many places i've introduced earlier since u r negotiating with the real "boss" in games. Thing does come slowly and slowly don't u think so?

Bargain with vendor, another vendor, another vendor and another vendor.... Once get expert, now is the time for "Negotiating" with the real player in supply chain.

"How to negotiate?"

** Tips **
Do s
1) U have to pretend like a mass purchaser looking for supply, ur face. Be cool.

2) Ask them to quote u the price accordingly after selected (as much as u can for single patern,single quantity).

**They will give u quotation after so many clicks with their calculator...In fact, they always got figure in their mind, just to pretend they are serious about ur quotation.**

3) After heard their quotation, tell them how serious u r in this business, u want to take sample back ur country and this and that, just bluff and ask for 50% discount.

4) They will give u the longest "no" u ever heard on earth.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooo................................." so much reasons after no. Just ignore it.

5) Tell them the market scenario (just to freak them out that u know this market 'quite' well.) "If purchase more than 10 pcs, the price should be like this.......name the price want. Don't give a damn shit.

6) Another longest "no" u ever heard........

7) Increase some quantity to round figure ie:10, 15, 20, 25, 30 ........... Repeat step 5 again with further reduce in price (more than 50%).

8) The logic is simple, increase the quantity or step down a little bit on price but still around 50% of previous. Finally u will get the deal sealed.

Don't s
1) Act like shopper as so many chinese do, "Honey, this bag suit me not?" "Is this pretty?" "This looks so cheap, i love it!" The price quoted will shoot up high after ur acting. 

"Don't believe?" 

"Better believe it."

2) Never choose much quantity for single pattern before quotation. That make u looks like a shopper.

3) Never agree their price at first place even though u gut feels that already cheap enough. If can get more, y not?

Alright i believe u have the basic idea in mind, so just practise it. Don't u ever heard of "Practise makes perfect?" That's right. U gotta practise it, else u will end up with negotiation when shaking ur hand.

How to get there?
Option A:
Take Green line (line 2) up to the terminal, "San Yuan Li" station. (三元里地铁站)Please read the board before step out of the station since there are more than 20 blocks of building around the station, everyone selling same stuff, leather product. So u can choose which one first. 

Click for subway map:

Option B:
Take taxi to this place from Teemall will cost u around ¥30. Show the driver following sentence for direction.


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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Friend told me buying SLR lense and accessory in canton is cheap?

The best thing for travelling is photo shooting which used up all my times in most of the places i visited. A better lens and camera comes into picture in this case. I'm Canon's big fans who using 400D body together with 18-55mm F3.5-5.5 kit lens plus 70-200mm F4L lens. I'm always looking for better solution for my skill in photo shooting and i found a wonderful place in canton which provide me a lot informations and affordable price for lens. A good lens does help u for better image quality and the most original emotions if u were fans for potrait. Since i'm not a good lens reviewer, it's better for me to concentrate in this topic, hehehe........

Well, buying a lens or camera / SLR accessory couldn't be easier in canton since the price also drive u crazy. Yes, it's original product from canon factory which is not what u always found outside the market, duplicate.

Name of this place is "Sheng Xian She Ying Qi Cai Cheng" (盛贤摄影器材城)means Sheng Xian photographing Equipment City. U can easily found all kind of accessory u want here with affordable price and yes, u also need to bargain. Bargaining is just like taking breakfast which u need to practise it everyday in china. Without bargain, u couldn't get better price and no one will appreciate ur kindness.

This place only well known by those professional photographer who always looking for lens and equipment in their studios. That's y u can hardly notice foreigner hanging around and this is also one of the reason y whenever u ask them to quote price for a stuff, there will always be a big room for negotiationg. 

How to get there?
Alright, u only have one option here, taxi. Since there no subway station in 1km radius so taxi always be the best solution. But u should think it like this, u get better price for lens and pay the taxi fare by using the bucks u've saved. I tell u what, after deduct of taxi fare, u r still earning much compare with buying same stuff in ur own country. Taxi fare from Teemall to the photographic city will cost u around ¥35. Show the driver following sentence for direction.


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