Saturday, November 1, 2008

English ~~~ I want ENGLISH ~~~ ENGLISH PLEASE!

Hehehe..... Scratching your head for unknown 'block letter'? Most of the english speaker will have the feeling of chinese language does looks like a big square block letter like: 你好,我要去,这里是,请问,谢谢,.......etc. There's no way u can get to know how to pronounce the word from what is looks like..hehe.. I'll show u how those road sign looks like:

Key chain-style road sign

U will somehow find that there's a "english-like" sentence underneath every chinese word. Tell me, can u read? Yes i know u can actually "read" the sentence but without knowing what the hell is the meaning rite? hehehe....

If u were somewhere in Europe, u will go for police if need a direction but this doesn't happen in china where most of the policemen here almost blind to english. So what to do? 


Try to target youngster aged around 20-25 whom just graduated from university or just started working. This range of people learned the fundamental level of english during schooling time. They will absolutely give u a hand for problems or at least, if they can't really help, show u where to get help. Beyond the range? U will have take up ur luck. 

Remember, never go to policemen if u can't speak cantonese or mandarin except u have real urgent matter or emergency that need to consult policemen immediately. Go to the police station, there u can tell whatever u want freely in english where they can understand u not 100% but at least 80%.

Very useful information, police number in china is 110 for landline caller or 112 for international mobile phone caller. Always use 112 wherever u r, no matter which country. 112 is international emergency call to police applicable worldwide. The rest like 911, 119, 999 or so on r totally out of the picture in china. If  u r in China, mobile phone to dial 110 is possible.

I personally feels that u may need some assistance gadget in order to 'survive' in china without paying too much unnecessary. Not trying to sell something, but u should really buy a reference book "The Lonely Planet" if u plan to come here. Most of the attractive scenes, places, what to do, where to go, what this and that all stated from A-Z there. 

I've put up some picture or chinese word here, so if u want to save cost without buying "The Lonely Planet", just print it out and show to the taxi/cab driver (the chinese word), u will arrive there safely. No problem. I'll put chinese name for every destinations and things that should appear in chinese manner to assist u.

There are several things u need to set it very clear. What is the purpose u r here and what is ur expectation? Cos canton is the place for everyone. Yes, everyone. From businessman to job seeker, every single opportunity is here. 

Well, for traveller like us, we may need to enjoy the chinese life-style, small amount of purchase (souvenir or something else), take part in totally new things to u (enjoying snake meat, dog meat, something very special....etc) and whatever... Make ur target clear and u are ready to go!

Or, ur life will be very miserable.......don't believe? check this out!

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