Monday, November 10, 2008

I want to feed my camera, any scenes?

Finally, the weather come to a bit pleasant today, 18-22 degree. With temperature like this, it's a great moment to "warm up" ur camera, feed them with nice shot without sweating too much. After shopping, dining, we gotta visit to some special place, enjoy the scene and try to please ur spouse or girl friend by keep their "best" moment (body shape and pretty face, u will miss that a lot after another 15 years. where proved what conficius says, "Good thing doesn't last for long". Hehehe...)

If u r a SLR (Single Lense Reflect) fans, there's a very good place for u. Most of the cantonese SLR fans will gather at the place every saturday and sunday for practice. If u r lucky enough, u may join the larger photo shooting session where professional model will be hired there as well. Out of courtesy, just tell them u would like to join them and ask for permission. Normally they will agree and allow u to join them without any fees since this is totally free photo shooting session. U can also discuss some technical issue regarding SLR with them, provided IF they can understand what u r talking about.

Without talking too much nonsense, the place is named "Sha Mian" (广州沙面)direct translate is "Sand Surface". This place is a small island where surrounded by river which was a very important place in the past for most of the embassy in the world. Please scroll down for pictures.

U may so surprise to say "I'm from Europe, still u want me take photo on european style building?" But my friend, don't forget this is canton, china where things r quite different compare with those in europe. At least, people around the place r chinese and the most important thing is, enjoy the environment. This is a very good place to practise ur shooting skill and take a rest after long distance walking.

Don't leave so early! Cos u won't want to come back same place twice! "Sha Mian" is just next to Pearl River so u can enjoy cruising accross Pearl River in the night and enjoy the beautiful scene. Cruise time is about 2 Hours and u can easily purchase the ticket on the spot. Just walk along the river side and u shall see the ticket booth. 

** Tips **
Price is different from various factor like, boat decoration, dinner or without, cruising time and company. So make sure u r clear on which boat u r paying and with dinner or without. 

How to get there?
Option A
Subway also, heading towards the station "Huang Sha" (广州黄沙地铁站), check with the those subway staff this sentence “我要去沙面古建筑群应该走哪个出口?” and they will definitely show u the right way.

Option B
Taxi, cost from Beijing Road to Sha Mian is around ¥15. It's very near distance from beijing road. Normally i will encourage my friends to walk there since u can witness the real "Old Canton" on the way towards Sha mian. But if u can't communicate in chinese, better don't.

Enjoy ur trip on Pearl River Night Cruise. It's from 1900-2200 so make sure u don't missed it. 

"It's Saturday night, i won't want to get on bed too early, any recommendation?"

All right, every saturday there will be a Salsa Class in Westin Hotel, Guangzhou. It's just in the Bar named QBAR operated in America Latino Style which very worth to pay a visit. No subway if u r so late after Pearl River Cruise, so just take taxi. 
Show this to the taxi driver 

U will be there. So enjoy a great salsa night there.

Coming Up Next!
How about hiking on Baiyun Mountain?

Stay Tune!

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