Friday, November 14, 2008

My lappy need some accessory urgently where can i get it?

Lappy (Laptop) has became our closest friend in 21st century especially emerging of manufacturer like HP, DELL and recently FUJITSU also starting to lower down their price to hold market share. I believe u r also having one in ur bag wherever u've tralling to. 

In fact China manufactured the most inexpensive lappy or desktop accessory from head to toe in the world. I bet u'll be very interested to have a closer look on what kind of accessory needed that can feed ur lappy.

Ram, Battery, Bags, Memory, Mobile Hard Disk, USB Drive bla bla it, u'll get it here. Price? U will laugh until everyone else think u r insane.

The following pc-related electronic centre is the best i found here named "Pacific Electronic City" (广州太平洋数码电脑城)

Panoramic View


Hmmm, I don't have special shop worth introduce here. But maybe i can share little bit of tips in how to shop this PC City.

** Tips **
I think this is same everywhere in the world, rental on ground floor always more expensive than upper level. So for simple calculation, their price also higher than those 2nd floor, 3rd floor and above. The more u climb up, the cheaper u will get. Yes i know u r not going to purchase lappy here, i won't recommend u to do so as well since too many fraud case. But for accessory, u can easily get better price on upper level, so don't mind to climb up more. 

Buying accessory for shop vendor and stall vendor doesn't make any different in canton since their habit is like this:
If shop A lack of certain product, they will immediately find it out from their couterpart whom maybe just a stall outside in open air. Same vice versa, stall will get the product they need from couterpart,  shop owner. 

So the lesson here is, product is same, but selling point makes the price different. Wise person like u should know what to do now, isn't it?

Since u r travelling in canton, so if u really want to buy lappy accessory here, don't forget to bring lappy along so that u can test the accessory u r going to buy on the spot. For example, if u want to purchase ram, install it in ur lappy and running it for testing. But u need to be very careful since here is china not europe or somewhere safer, keep your eyes on belongings especially ur own accessory which just uninstalled.

Most of the original part have its own anti-pirated sticker which u will need to scratch it like what u did for lottery. There u will get a series of number, call up the anti-pirated phone number (can get it from the vendor or stated on the product's packaging.), key in the series number u got from scratch, then just wait for the anwer. Simple and just take u around 2 minutes.

After purchase what u want, remember to get "Fa Piao" (发票)means invoice or official receipt recognized by china government nationwide. This is very important since this official thing can prevent u from being cheated. If this official invoice raised up to Consumer Association and it proved ur purchase, they got problem.

How to get there?
Option A:
Take subway blue line (line 3) to "Gang Ding" station (岗顶地铁站), head towards exit C. Right before u get out of the train station immediately u can notice another PC City in front of u named "Broadway", this city is ok for visiting but not purchase since the price is higher. 

Option B:
Taxi. From Teemall to Pacific Electronic City will take only 10-15 minute depend on the traffic. Cost about ¥18. Show this to the driver for destination.

Coming Up Next:
My Friend told me buying SLR lense and accessory in canton is cheap?

Stay Tune!

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