Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How about hiking at Baiyun Mountain?

Canton is having nice weather starting from this week where the temperature is range between 17 - 26 degree celsius, pleasant weather. Hiking at Baiyun Mountain will be a great experience in this period where u will feels extremely comfortable and enjoyable. Looking down to canton city from top of Baiyun Mountain after close to 1 hours hiking is a great reward for ur effort.

Imagine this: Cozy breeze, breath-taking scene, a cup of coffee and sandwiches. Oh my god, that's great!

What to enjoy besides mountain hiking? Well plenty of it. There r some temple there hundreds year ago really worth u to have a closer look. Slow down ur step, enjoy it. This first temple i would like to introduce is "Neng Ren Si" (白云山能仁寺)

In fact there's nothing much to say about hiking on the Baiyun Mountain but photos will do the job. 

Spend some time at Baiyun Mountain will give u more impression about canton though it really takes time to fully explore the whole thing. 

How to get there?
U only have 1 option here, taxi. Hehehehe....No subway station nearby.

Coming Up next!
Cantonese Building Artwork - Chen Ancestral Temple (陈家祠)

Stay Tune!

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