Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coffee or tea? Subway or taxi?

If u were travelling in New Delhi, the answer is going to be absolute. But in canton, i would like to invite u to the lately developed subway system. Like in Hong Kong, u can purchase a card called "Yeong Sheng Tong" (sound familiar? hehehe....). Direct translation is "Goat City Connection" It's an electronic card that can bring u everywhere in canton freely without worry of coins and small note. With this card, u can use all public transportation and even pay for things u purchase in 7-11 store. Just swap and go. Easy. This is the card outlook.

Travelling with subway is the most convenient manner which can bring u most of the tourist sights. The subway connection as shown below:

For larger photo, click here: 

If can, print out this route (larger size) cos i'll introduce the tourist sight according to the subway station in coming article (join my 'followers' programme, get update everyday), easier for ur reference.

In fact taxi/cab also a good choice in canton but the problem is try to avoid working hour and off work period. (0830-0930 and 1645-1830). Price starting from ¥7.00 onward and ¥2.60 every consecutive km.

For me, i'm personally prefer "Yeong Sheng Tong" card cos it will give u 5% discount on every subway ride. So u not? hehehe...

Another advantage is, lining up to purchase ticket is unnecessary if u own a "Yeong Sheng Tong" card. U won't want to do that if u see the photo below:

This is the scene during on and off working hour. Lining up for ticket?
U must be kidding me!

Oppss... u face looks so frightening..hehehe...don't worry pal, it's a city with 20 million population, this kind of scene just normal, what do u expect? But one thing for sure, u really need to take good care of ur belongings as pick pocket is always there watching u! Especially ur height, totally non-chinese outlook, always looking here and there (looking for something familiar, english? No way!)..hehehe...U R TARGETED! They are everywhere, keep their eyes on u, watching u....waiting for the opportunity...Oppss, ur passport gone or ur wallet or whatever looks valuable to them...

Then u will have to keep asking where to find police? haha...tough work again... Language problem, folks! If u know this would happen earlier, y not be a little bit alert and take extra care of ur valuable?

Don't want to take risk? Then take out ur money and have cab ride. The conclusion is same. U pay the money not because of hefty tariff charge, it's because of the following picture:

1645-1845 always torturing hour on the road

Be a smart traveller, better sleep late in the hotel to skip the rush hour and come back earlier before others do. Don't forget u still need to have dinner outside! Forget about the crowd??

But this issue doesn't really need to worry so much since cantonese have their dinner around 1800-1900. In western, dinner time start on 2000, so by that time cantonese leaving for home and u just arrive. What an ideal arrangement!!

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