Friday, November 7, 2008

Holy shit! I'm drown!!

Drown in canton couldn't be any easier since population is everything here. 

"Where to get drown?"

"Shopping area"

Shopping in canton always enjoyable and the most important thing is ---- cheap. Well don't get excited so fast! U will never find cheap branded goods here, i'm talking about worldwide brand not local brand. LV, GUCCI, FENDI, ARMANI, DUNHILL, MONT BLANC, and so on, name it. From what i get to know, import duty for those branded commodities are higher that's y u can buy those thing here Hong Kong - Shopping Heaven!

We r not going to discuss more on Hong Kong but just want to share u this information that IF u really want to go Hong Kong, just head to "Guangzhou Dong Zhan" (Guangzhou East Railway Station), u can easily noticed express train from canton to hong kong every 8 minutes, to be exact. Make sure the ticket u purchase stated train number with initial "D", for instance: D309, D310, D389...... "D" stand for "Dong Che Zu" (Bullet train - latest train in china).How to get there? Probably u should revise back my previous post for "Subway Map". Print it out, it's very useful anyway. 

For a travelling around 2 hours, u will reach to border in shenzhen and hong kong. I won't talk much about that. 

So let get back to shopping.

Basically in asia region, the most famous shopping mall will be Jusco of Aeon Corporation (chinese name - 佳世客). U can easily find whatever u want (international item) here if u r from oceania and asia. If u r looking for typical european stuff, there's a giant shopping mall here named "Metro"(chinese name - 麦特龙), origin from Germany. Jusco outlook like this:

See "Jusco" word on top right corner? There it is. For "Metro", i'm so sorry folks, can't manage to get the picture so can't show up here.

Shopping period for traveller should be from 1100 - 1500 during work day since most of the people will be out for work and this give u most convenience moment u barely have. Saturday and sunday shopping trip will make ur life even miserable, like what i've mentioned in the title, drown.

How to get there?

Option A, Subway.
Take out ur "Subway Map" (Still not print out yet?!?!) U can easily notice there r centre interchange for "Blue" line and "Red" line named "Ti Yu Xi Lu" (体育西路), that's the station u need to get off the train. Go up to the exit and follow the sign (佳世客)or Jusco or exit A. So u r there.

Option B, Taxi.
All u need to do is, get a taxi, drop urself in the vehicle and pointing this “体育西路天河城” to the driver, u will be there, sooner or later. Depend on ur face. hehehe...maybe the taxi driver will take u one day trip of canton city and charge u hefty tariff. But don't be too worry, normally they won't be too much, maybe just ¥15- ¥20 more expensive to others, u can arrive safely. No problem on safety issue.

** Tips for taxi ride: **
Majority of the taxi in canton are green in color. But if u can't read chinese still worrying about midnight ride, better try to look for taxi in this colors: red, blue and yellow. These are standardize taxi company with only one color for all its cars. But if u were talking about green in color taxi, plenty company for that, since u can't read chinese, better don't try those during midnight for safety reason.

** ATM machines **
U can easily find a lot of atm machines in Jusco/Teemall. For international bank, u can find HSBC and Stardard Charted atm at ground floor close to exit. Most of the local atm machine can support PLUS function for credit card (cash advance) and atm card (normal withdrawal)

After all those above, let's enjoy ur shopping for international brand (if u r not going to hong kong). 

IF u r looking for cheap accessory for girls, stay tune for our next chapter, 

Coming up next!
Girls' stuff -- Twinkle twinkle jangle bangle little stars!

Stay tune!

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