Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I want to go whole sale city of fabric and garment!

"Made in China"

U can find this statement almost everywhere especially garment. Basically most of the garment in asia region are imported from china. In fact southern part of china especially canton having the most wholeseller and factories representative here for taking purchase order.

Quality wise vary from top to low end. This is totally depend on what price u offer to them. This is quite amazed me since i'm in tyre industry where commonly people will have the thinking of best, middle and low end quality category in this industry but to be frank i was so surprise to find out that tyre quality can ranged more than 10 types for same size and same pattern. So the rule for importing commodity from china is --- price = quality.

Of course this doesn't include those newbie for importing where being cheated by the manufacturer whom supply bad quality product with high price. Experience take place in this scene. Anyhow, get to know more about importing is good and i'm going to share u a place where most of the importer will come and seal mass purchase order, Fabric City.

Fabric city is very close to Guangzhou Train Station. Please be very clear on this, there are 2 train stations in canton. The Older one named Guangzhou Train Station, the later one named Guangzhou East Train Station.

How to get there?
Option A:
Take subway green line (Line 2) towards upper left to the station named "Guangzhou Huo Che Zhan" (广州火车站). This is same u will have to choose which exit since each exit can also lead u to the fabric city, just which block.

Option B:
Take any taxi in canton and show them this sentence:


Fare from Teemall to the place will cost u around ¥30.

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World Largest Exhibition - Canton Fair

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