Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tomb of Nan Yue King - King of Southern Yue(南越王陵)

Canton experience vast development in past 30 years. It was a normal day where everyone was busying witht their just another construction work. Suddenly someone yelling to other that he found something strange. That yell not only catched attention of workers around but state government as well. 

It was 1983, archeologist from every corner of china flooded this place over night because something big happened. Yes, it was big enough. They found a tomb. A tomb of Nan Yue King (King of Soutern). This news had shaken the whole country as tomb of Nan Yue King was disappear like mystery which didn't inked any history book and they found it here.

Why on earth people are crazy about this tomb?

Let's talk about this story. 

The period was on 207 BC where Qin Dynasty was eliminated by the Liu Bang(刘邦)and Xiang Yu(项羽). It was a very troubled times where dispute between both Liu and Xiang take place. Mean time, a person named Zhao Tuo(赵佗)had made himself king after conquered several places and built his Kingdom in Pan Yu(番禺)in 204 BC. After Liu had finally won Xiang and become the king of Han Dynasty, he sent out a troop to Zhao in order to convince him surrender his kingdom to Han Dynasty and this was disagreed by Zhao.

Zhao managed to hold his kingdom for 67 years before his dealth and in order to confuse his opponent, his funeral was secretly manipulated into 4 coffins and departed to his tomb in 4 different direction. Up to date, no one could ever discover where is his tomb.

Zhao's granchild became his successor taking control of the kingdom named "Hu" (胡). Yes, i think u can guess now who is the master for this tomb. 

Well, don't judge too early, there r controversy over the real master for this tomb but both sides holding strong evidence in hand. This controversy haven't end until today.



Exterior of the tomb.

Internal view of the tomb

How to get there?
Option A:
Take subway to the station named "Yue Xiu Gong Yuan"(越秀公园站)exit A2. For this station, u will need to take interchange at "Gong Yuan Qian" (公园前站)station from line 1 (red) to line 2 (green). Then proceed to the station mentioned above.

Option B:
Taxi from Teemall to Nan Yue King Tomb will cost u about ¥30.

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