Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cantonese Building Artwork - Chen Ancestral Temple (陈家祠)

If we would like to discuss the most remarkable cantonese building artwork in canton, i will be here give u Chen Ancestrial Temple (陈家祠). Built on 1890 - 1894 by 72 county of Chen's family on joint venture basis. What can i say much to describe this extraordinary building? Picture wins a thousand word, have a look on these:

Main Gate

Main Entrance

God of Entrance. Cantonese believe in Spiritual things and in the ancient time, a king was being troubled by murdered soul who wants to take revenge on the king. Until a day a priest came along and advised the king to find 2 most fiercely soldier in the country, sketched them on a piece of paper and put on main entrance doorway in order to stop fearfulness soul for coming again. And guess what, or course it take effect! Else how can u see this photo after few thousand years?

Sculpture of a very famous story in China, Ah-Q story, scening about kidnapping a bride by the fiercely villains.
Long Corridor in the Temple

This is one of the sculpture on wall telling stories in the past.

Live performance of Gu-Zheng(古筝), ancient music instrument with very unique string sound echoing in the temple. U may witness this performance solely depend on ur timing while visiting the temple.

One of the corridor between buildings. 

Centre hall of the temple crafted by all kind of sculptures.

Closer look on sculptures on top of the roof. Can u imagine this was done 100 over years ago? Look at the coloring, sculp and appearance. What a breath-taking masterpiece!

How to get there?
Option A:
Take out ur subway map. What? Don't have? Alright, get it here:

It's very easy to recognize. See the word "Chen Jia Ci"? 

Ok, look at Red Line. Point ur finger towards left, see the station just right before corner? Alright, u got it. While u arrive the station, heading towards exit D and u r there! Easy enough? I think so.

Option B:
Yes, u always have option B. Things always happen to be like this, option B cost u more in most of the case. Taxi. From Teemall(天河城)to Chen Jia Ci (陈家祠)will cost u around ¥35 - ¥40. Show this to the taxi driver, he will send u there.


U will need to spend around 3 hours there to fully enjoy the cantonese building art. It will sucks up more time if u r from artist background. So, y rush? Enjoy!

" I get to know there's a king's tomb right in canton city heart? It that true?"

"Yes, that is totally correct! Let's find out the next station."

Coming Up Next!
Tomb of Nan Yue King - King of Southern Yue(南越王陵)

Stay Tune!

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