Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let's Go Beijing!!

We r not going to do so without fully explore canton anyway, hehe...but i will keep my word by bringing u to the all-time famous BEJING ROAD IN CANTON!

It's almost similar to Shang Xia Jiu Lu (广州上下九路)where there r so much things u can choose as ur own or souvenir! For bargaining skill, same like yesterday, just refer back for details. Have a glimpse!

Hehehehe...surprise to see so much people around? Well it's a good experience to actually "rub shoulder" with so many people in a day. In fact, i personally feels that crowded also can adrenalize everything in ur body, including buying desire!

** Dangerous and Annoyance **
Always be very careful while encoutner so much of people around u since pick pocket incidence keep alarming the police station in Beijing Road. Be happy to shop, be happy to return. Don't end up with lossing in some valuable belongings.

** Must See Scene! **
Once u be there, don't forget to visit the ancient Officer Road (官路)which more than thousand years lying underneath ur feets. Y called Officer Road? It's direct translation from chinese where these roads only can be used by the government officer during the past. How to see that? Well, while enjoying shopping there, u can easily notice a giant glass in the middle of the path way, so that it is. Can't allocate? Check this out!

Y so special? This path not only consist of one dynasty but several! U can see Song Dynasty (宋朝), Ching Dynasty(清朝), Ming Dynasty(明朝)and of course, current millennium path way lying under on roof. It's very hard to witness the change of different dynasty engineering (road building) at once. So don't miss it!

How to get there?
Option A
I will bet u r so stubborn that haven't get the subway print out yet. But to be frank, i'm really a good soul, so don't forget to join as "follower" in my blog. Hehehehe....Thanks for ur support...Here is the subway map link:

Get on train anyway in canton, heading to the station named "Gong Yuan Qian" (广州地铁公园前站)direct translate will be "In front of the Garden". If u can't find, just follow the red line, then u will get it somewhere middle left hand side of the picture. 
Please be notice that u will not find any garden while arriving or outside the station.

"So y this name?"

"Please check with the Subway Corporation thanks." (hehehehe.....)

Option B
Use ur brain..................
Of course get a taxi and go...hehehe.....same as usual.. Beijing road is very near to Shang Xia Jiu Lu, so if u r going to take taxi over there, it will cost u around ¥15- ¥20 max.

Very very useful tips (U will regret if u don't read!)
While visiting Beijing Road, preferrable time is from 1000 - 1130, 2100 - 2230. 
As u can see from the picture, there are too many shopper visiting the place. So if u planed for cheaper stuff or u r ready for bargaining, u will lose most of the time due to heavy client flow. If the price doesn't suit u and pretend to go away, they won't stop u anyway. So please choose the right time for the right thing with the right skill. :)

1000 - 1130, shop just get open where very less shopper around so they have no choice but to comply ur offer since less buying lead.

2100-2230, shops r going to shut very soon, less shopper and cantonese always tend to "catch the last train" where any single cents he can make for today, it's in today's account. So ur offer will be very easy to get clicks.

Coming Up Next!
I want to feed my camera, any scenes?

Stay Tune!

** Please leave comment or question where i'll come back to u soonest. **

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