Saturday, November 8, 2008

Twinkle twinkle jangle bangle little stars!

Hehe....soooooooooooo long the name, but suit completely what i'm going to pour here today. Yes, Girls' stuff, not interested? How about CHEAP GIRLS' STUFF?

"Oh...that rings a bell.........." hehe.....

Okay girls, what a shame if traveling overseas without souvenir to fellow girls? Believe me, U will get killed! 

Without much bullshiting, here we GO!

Heaven of earrings, hair accessory, jangle bangles and some sort, u can definitely visit to the place called "Shang Xia Jiu Lu" (Up Down Nine Road,上下九路). U will find there's some kind like "China Town" in US where a lot of stall vendors selling things that can be negotiate about the price. Speciality in canton is, u can bargain everywhere here including shops. 

"How to bargain?"

Well for place like this, what i did is, always divide the price they call to 4. For example, if they r calling for ¥100, i'll counter offer them ¥25. In this moment, u gotta be very focus how they can speak out the longest "NO" in the world u ever heard.


Then it's ur time to perform, stand still or turn and leave. Don't worry about u r going to miss something as u can always find the exactly same thing ahead of ur journey down the road. Yes, price is different from shop to shop so u will have to be more patient in shopping, the real SHOPPING (cos just around with nothing to buy....hehehehhe.....)

** Tips for bargaining **

I) If u counter offer them the price (divided by 4) and they give u the longest 'no' u ever heard, turn and leave without saying much. IF they call u back and ask for what is ur 'better' price, stand still or give them 20% extra, in most of the case, u can seal the deal.

II) IF u leave without the vendor calling u for further negotiation, then the price u offer probably too low. So u have to do some homework here, find the same thing in other shop, give him better price, check the reaction. If found the reaction as I, seal the deal. Else, continue for II. 

Canton is so big where nothing u can't be found. So don't worry u can't manage to buy ur lovely product end of the day.

How to get there?
Where is ur subway map?!!! Still not print out yet?!?! faint......................

Option A
Well, the station is "Chang Shou Lu" (长寿路站). Follow the red line (on the subway map!...where is ur map?!?!!) then u can manage to find this station. Get off the station, ask people by pointing to this sentence “我要去上下九路” means i want to go Shang Xia Jiu Lu. Let the people show u how. Since there will be quite a distance from subway station to the spot. 

Option B
Or recommended to take taxi, where from Teemall to Shang Xia Jiu Lu will cost u around ¥45. It's quite a long distance from Teemall. 

This place sound good, any similar place where i can find accessory, cloth, souvenir and something special?

Well u r asking the rite question!

Coming up next!
Let's go BEIJING!! .....??

Stay tune!

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