Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Lunch Time!!

After heavy but healthy Dim Sum breakfast, walking around for sight seeing is a MUST in canton, but what's next?

It gonna be lunch! (Oh god, this fellow must be a food again?!)

1200pm in canton is quite hot from early May - end of October. Having lunch like dinner is almost impossible as nobody want to waste much time sitting in the restaurant while on their travelling trip! So u may want something fast, light, and taste of local. The most important thing is, air conditioned as dining at the temperature of 34 degree without air-con doesn't ring any bell.

Though the time is short, still u can enjoy something local and comfort environment. Chinese likes to eat food which is "steamed-made" especially steamed rice, steamed pork rib, steamed vegetable, steamed chicken, steamed beef and so on. U can find all-steamed-made food by recognize the following icon. This restaurant is one of the biggest chain store over china which offer all-steamed food.

This restaurant named Zheng KungFu. Very easy to recognize by just remember "Bruce Lee". Yes, u didn't get it wrong, Bruce Lee is the logo on all commercial advertisement of this restaurant.

Any other option? Steamed food doesn't really suit my appetite, i need something more western after so many meals of chinese food. I really need to give my belly a break.

"Here u go!"

Here to introduce another kind of restaurant offering chinese fast food as well but with continental flavour or we can say, Continental-Chinese food named "Cafe De Coral". Yes, it's another big chain in both Hong Kong and China.

Most of the continental-style food and beverage u can find in this shop but to be frank, as coffee addict, non of the chinese continental shop offer good coffee. So, back to our basic coffee instinct, look for Starbucks which u can easily noticed in major shopping mall or ground level of some office block.

For cantonese, normally they will take little break around 1530 same like what we used to have, tea break. But it's totally different idea between cantonese and european. No sandwich, coffee, cake and desert here but only chinese tea pot, dim sum (again?) and probably biscuit. Most of the restaurant including those 2 introduced above offer tea time package where u can stop-off to enjoy during 1500-1700. (Food again?.....faint...It's tea time dude....enjoy! hehehe.....)

Coming up next, Dinner......?!?!?!
Don't worry, no more dinner here. In next topic, we shall discuss more about sight seeing scenes in canton and what to do here. Let's walk into real canton lifestyle.

Stay tune!!

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