Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I want to go whole sale city of fabric and garment!

"Made in China"

U can find this statement almost everywhere especially garment. Basically most of the garment in asia region are imported from china. In fact southern part of china especially canton having the most wholeseller and factories representative here for taking purchase order.

Quality wise vary from top to low end. This is totally depend on what price u offer to them. This is quite amazed me since i'm in tyre industry where commonly people will have the thinking of best, middle and low end quality category in this industry but to be frank i was so surprise to find out that tyre quality can ranged more than 10 types for same size and same pattern. So the rule for importing commodity from china is --- price = quality.

Of course this doesn't include those newbie for importing where being cheated by the manufacturer whom supply bad quality product with high price. Experience take place in this scene. Anyhow, get to know more about importing is good and i'm going to share u a place where most of the importer will come and seal mass purchase order, Fabric City.

Fabric city is very close to Guangzhou Train Station. Please be very clear on this, there are 2 train stations in canton. The Older one named Guangzhou Train Station, the later one named Guangzhou East Train Station.

How to get there?
Option A:
Take subway green line (Line 2) towards upper left to the station named "Guangzhou Huo Che Zhan" (广州火车站). This is same u will have to choose which exit since each exit can also lead u to the fabric city, just which block.

Option B:
Take any taxi in canton and show them this sentence:


Fare from Teemall to the place will cost u around ¥30.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can i owned some leather stuff since canton is major city for exporting leather product and so forth?

"Oh my god! That's Prada!" "Honey! That's LV!" "Damn! That's Gucci!" 

So surprise to see so many duplicate in this market especially export worldwide. First impression in this place feels like u r in Africa since a lot of african hanging around this place for purchasing. This place is famous of leather stuff from shoes, boots,bags, belts, wallet, purse, name card holder, watch stripes, laptop holder and bla bla bla...............whatever u want, name it or if u really can't get, make it with placing order.

I would say, most of the boots u saw in Europe and US is origin from here. If the price in ur place is US$ 150, here is RMB150. How would u feel with ur boot right now? 

"No! It cant' be, there must be something else different so that the price will be so much different!"

Yes u r absolutely right. Things different between ur boots and those laying here is BRAND. U can't see any brand on these boots but famous brand in ur place. 

Besides, i would recommend u to have a look on bags which will give u another kind of impact especially those branded name like LV, CK, GUCCI, FENDI, BURBERRY, MONT BLANC and so forth. This time, i would say the quality is totally different from the original but appearance doesn't make suspicious eyes.

I strongly suggest u to purchase in mass quantity cos they will give away much discount if u tell them this is for "sample" purpose since that place is whole sale market. It really worth and present these bags or luggage as christmas gift may polish ur face another round, why not?

Price between 1-5 are almost same. But once u purchase more than 10, it could be very much different.

"How much different?"

50% or more. 

U'll have to train up ur real bargaining power from Beijing Road, Shang Xia Jiu Lu and so many places i've introduced earlier since u r negotiating with the real "boss" in games. Thing does come slowly and slowly don't u think so?

Bargain with vendor, another vendor, another vendor and another vendor.... Once get expert, now is the time for "Negotiating" with the real player in supply chain.

"How to negotiate?"

** Tips **
Do s
1) U have to pretend like a mass purchaser looking for supply, ur face. Be cool.

2) Ask them to quote u the price accordingly after selected (as much as u can for single patern,single quantity).

**They will give u quotation after so many clicks with their calculator...In fact, they always got figure in their mind, just to pretend they are serious about ur quotation.**

3) After heard their quotation, tell them how serious u r in this business, u want to take sample back ur country and this and that, just bluff and ask for 50% discount.

4) They will give u the longest "no" u ever heard on earth.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooo................................." so much reasons after no. Just ignore it.

5) Tell them the market scenario (just to freak them out that u know this market 'quite' well.) "If purchase more than 10 pcs, the price should be like this.......name the price want. Don't give a damn shit.

6) Another longest "no" u ever heard........

7) Increase some quantity to round figure ie:10, 15, 20, 25, 30 ........... Repeat step 5 again with further reduce in price (more than 50%).

8) The logic is simple, increase the quantity or step down a little bit on price but still around 50% of previous. Finally u will get the deal sealed.

Don't s
1) Act like shopper as so many chinese do, "Honey, this bag suit me not?" "Is this pretty?" "This looks so cheap, i love it!" The price quoted will shoot up high after ur acting. 

"Don't believe?" 

"Better believe it."

2) Never choose much quantity for single pattern before quotation. That make u looks like a shopper.

3) Never agree their price at first place even though u gut feels that already cheap enough. If can get more, y not?

Alright i believe u have the basic idea in mind, so just practise it. Don't u ever heard of "Practise makes perfect?" That's right. U gotta practise it, else u will end up with negotiation when shaking ur hand.

How to get there?
Option A:
Take Green line (line 2) up to the terminal, "San Yuan Li" station. (三元里地铁站)Please read the board before step out of the station since there are more than 20 blocks of building around the station, everyone selling same stuff, leather product. So u can choose which one first. 

Click for subway map:

Option B:
Take taxi to this place from Teemall will cost u around ¥30. Show the driver following sentence for direction.


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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Friend told me buying SLR lense and accessory in canton is cheap?

The best thing for travelling is photo shooting which used up all my times in most of the places i visited. A better lens and camera comes into picture in this case. I'm Canon's big fans who using 400D body together with 18-55mm F3.5-5.5 kit lens plus 70-200mm F4L lens. I'm always looking for better solution for my skill in photo shooting and i found a wonderful place in canton which provide me a lot informations and affordable price for lens. A good lens does help u for better image quality and the most original emotions if u were fans for potrait. Since i'm not a good lens reviewer, it's better for me to concentrate in this topic, hehehe........

Well, buying a lens or camera / SLR accessory couldn't be easier in canton since the price also drive u crazy. Yes, it's original product from canon factory which is not what u always found outside the market, duplicate.

Name of this place is "Sheng Xian She Ying Qi Cai Cheng" (盛贤摄影器材城)means Sheng Xian photographing Equipment City. U can easily found all kind of accessory u want here with affordable price and yes, u also need to bargain. Bargaining is just like taking breakfast which u need to practise it everyday in china. Without bargain, u couldn't get better price and no one will appreciate ur kindness.

This place only well known by those professional photographer who always looking for lens and equipment in their studios. That's y u can hardly notice foreigner hanging around and this is also one of the reason y whenever u ask them to quote price for a stuff, there will always be a big room for negotiationg. 

How to get there?
Alright, u only have one option here, taxi. Since there no subway station in 1km radius so taxi always be the best solution. But u should think it like this, u get better price for lens and pay the taxi fare by using the bucks u've saved. I tell u what, after deduct of taxi fare, u r still earning much compare with buying same stuff in ur own country. Taxi fare from Teemall to the photographic city will cost u around ¥35. Show the driver following sentence for direction.


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Friday, November 14, 2008

My lappy need some accessory urgently where can i get it?

Lappy (Laptop) has became our closest friend in 21st century especially emerging of manufacturer like HP, DELL and recently FUJITSU also starting to lower down their price to hold market share. I believe u r also having one in ur bag wherever u've tralling to. 

In fact China manufactured the most inexpensive lappy or desktop accessory from head to toe in the world. I bet u'll be very interested to have a closer look on what kind of accessory needed that can feed ur lappy.

Ram, Battery, Bags, Memory, Mobile Hard Disk, USB Drive bla bla bla....name it, u'll get it here. Price? U will laugh until everyone else think u r insane.

The following pc-related electronic centre is the best i found here named "Pacific Electronic City" (广州太平洋数码电脑城)

Panoramic View


Hmmm, I don't have special shop worth introduce here. But maybe i can share little bit of tips in how to shop this PC City.

** Tips **
I think this is same everywhere in the world, rental on ground floor always more expensive than upper level. So for simple calculation, their price also higher than those 2nd floor, 3rd floor and above. The more u climb up, the cheaper u will get. Yes i know u r not going to purchase lappy here, i won't recommend u to do so as well since too many fraud case. But for accessory, u can easily get better price on upper level, so don't mind to climb up more. 

Buying accessory for shop vendor and stall vendor doesn't make any different in canton since their habit is like this:
If shop A lack of certain product, they will immediately find it out from their couterpart whom maybe just a stall outside in open air. Same vice versa, stall will get the product they need from couterpart,  shop owner. 

So the lesson here is, product is same, but selling point makes the price different. Wise person like u should know what to do now, isn't it?

Since u r travelling in canton, so if u really want to buy lappy accessory here, don't forget to bring lappy along so that u can test the accessory u r going to buy on the spot. For example, if u want to purchase ram, install it in ur lappy and running it for testing. But u need to be very careful since here is china not europe or somewhere safer, keep your eyes on belongings especially ur own accessory which just uninstalled.

Most of the original part have its own anti-pirated sticker which u will need to scratch it like what u did for lottery. There u will get a series of number, call up the anti-pirated phone number (can get it from the vendor or stated on the product's packaging.), key in the series number u got from scratch, then just wait for the anwer. Simple and just take u around 2 minutes.

After purchase what u want, remember to get "Fa Piao" (发票)means invoice or official receipt recognized by china government nationwide. This is very important since this official thing can prevent u from being cheated. If this official invoice raised up to Consumer Association and it proved ur purchase, they got problem.

How to get there?
Option A:
Take subway blue line (line 3) to "Gang Ding" station (岗顶地铁站), head towards exit C. Right before u get out of the train station immediately u can notice another PC City in front of u named "Broadway", this city is ok for visiting but not purchase since the price is higher. 

Option B:
Taxi. From Teemall to Pacific Electronic City will take only 10-15 minute depend on the traffic. Cost about ¥18. Show this to the driver for destination.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tomb of Nan Yue King - King of Southern Yue(南越王陵)

Canton experience vast development in past 30 years. It was a normal day where everyone was busying witht their just another construction work. Suddenly someone yelling to other that he found something strange. That yell not only catched attention of workers around but state government as well. 

It was 1983, archeologist from every corner of china flooded this place over night because something big happened. Yes, it was big enough. They found a tomb. A tomb of Nan Yue King (King of Soutern). This news had shaken the whole country as tomb of Nan Yue King was disappear like mystery which didn't inked any history book and they found it here.

Why on earth people are crazy about this tomb?

Let's talk about this story. 

The period was on 207 BC where Qin Dynasty was eliminated by the Liu Bang(刘邦)and Xiang Yu(项羽). It was a very troubled times where dispute between both Liu and Xiang take place. Mean time, a person named Zhao Tuo(赵佗)had made himself king after conquered several places and built his Kingdom in Pan Yu(番禺)in 204 BC. After Liu had finally won Xiang and become the king of Han Dynasty, he sent out a troop to Zhao in order to convince him surrender his kingdom to Han Dynasty and this was disagreed by Zhao.

Zhao managed to hold his kingdom for 67 years before his dealth and in order to confuse his opponent, his funeral was secretly manipulated into 4 coffins and departed to his tomb in 4 different direction. Up to date, no one could ever discover where is his tomb.

Zhao's granchild became his successor taking control of the kingdom named "Hu" (胡). Yes, i think u can guess now who is the master for this tomb. 

Well, don't judge too early, there r controversy over the real master for this tomb but both sides holding strong evidence in hand. This controversy haven't end until today.



Exterior of the tomb.

Internal view of the tomb

How to get there?
Option A:
Take subway to the station named "Yue Xiu Gong Yuan"(越秀公园站)exit A2. For this station, u will need to take interchange at "Gong Yuan Qian" (公园前站)station from line 1 (red) to line 2 (green). Then proceed to the station mentioned above.

Option B:
Taxi from Teemall to Nan Yue King Tomb will cost u about ¥30.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cantonese Building Artwork - Chen Ancestral Temple (陈家祠)

If we would like to discuss the most remarkable cantonese building artwork in canton, i will be here give u Chen Ancestrial Temple (陈家祠). Built on 1890 - 1894 by 72 county of Chen's family on joint venture basis. What can i say much to describe this extraordinary building? Picture wins a thousand word, have a look on these:

Main Gate

Main Entrance

God of Entrance. Cantonese believe in Spiritual things and in the ancient time, a king was being troubled by murdered soul who wants to take revenge on the king. Until a day a priest came along and advised the king to find 2 most fiercely soldier in the country, sketched them on a piece of paper and put on main entrance doorway in order to stop fearfulness soul for coming again. And guess what, or course it take effect! Else how can u see this photo after few thousand years?

Sculpture of a very famous story in China, Ah-Q story, scening about kidnapping a bride by the fiercely villains.
Long Corridor in the Temple

This is one of the sculpture on wall telling stories in the past.

Live performance of Gu-Zheng(古筝), ancient music instrument with very unique string sound echoing in the temple. U may witness this performance solely depend on ur timing while visiting the temple.

One of the corridor between buildings. 

Centre hall of the temple crafted by all kind of sculptures.

Closer look on sculptures on top of the roof. Can u imagine this was done 100 over years ago? Look at the coloring, sculp and appearance. What a breath-taking masterpiece!

How to get there?
Option A:
Take out ur subway map. What? Don't have? Alright, get it here:

It's very easy to recognize. See the word "Chen Jia Ci"? 

Ok, look at Red Line. Point ur finger towards left, see the station just right before corner? Alright, u got it. While u arrive the station, heading towards exit D and u r there! Easy enough? I think so.

Option B:
Yes, u always have option B. Things always happen to be like this, option B cost u more in most of the case. Taxi. From Teemall(天河城)to Chen Jia Ci (陈家祠)will cost u around ¥35 - ¥40. Show this to the taxi driver, he will send u there.


U will need to spend around 3 hours there to fully enjoy the cantonese building art. It will sucks up more time if u r from artist background. So, y rush? Enjoy!

" I get to know there's a king's tomb right in canton city heart? It that true?"

"Yes, that is totally correct! Let's find out the next station."

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Tomb of Nan Yue King - King of Southern Yue(南越王陵)

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How about hiking at Baiyun Mountain?

Canton is having nice weather starting from this week where the temperature is range between 17 - 26 degree celsius, pleasant weather. Hiking at Baiyun Mountain will be a great experience in this period where u will feels extremely comfortable and enjoyable. Looking down to canton city from top of Baiyun Mountain after close to 1 hours hiking is a great reward for ur effort.

Imagine this: Cozy breeze, breath-taking scene, a cup of coffee and sandwiches. Oh my god, that's great!

What to enjoy besides mountain hiking? Well plenty of it. There r some temple there hundreds year ago really worth u to have a closer look. Slow down ur step, enjoy it. This first temple i would like to introduce is "Neng Ren Si" (白云山能仁寺)

In fact there's nothing much to say about hiking on the Baiyun Mountain but photos will do the job. 

Spend some time at Baiyun Mountain will give u more impression about canton though it really takes time to fully explore the whole thing. 

How to get there?
U only have 1 option here, taxi. Hehehehe....No subway station nearby.

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Cantonese Building Artwork - Chen Ancestral Temple (陈家祠)

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Monday, November 10, 2008

I want to feed my camera, any scenes?

Finally, the weather come to a bit pleasant today, 18-22 degree. With temperature like this, it's a great moment to "warm up" ur camera, feed them with nice shot without sweating too much. After shopping, dining, we gotta visit to some special place, enjoy the scene and try to please ur spouse or girl friend by keep their "best" moment (body shape and pretty face, u will miss that a lot after another 15 years. where proved what conficius says, "Good thing doesn't last for long". Hehehe...)

If u r a SLR (Single Lense Reflect) fans, there's a very good place for u. Most of the cantonese SLR fans will gather at the place every saturday and sunday for practice. If u r lucky enough, u may join the larger photo shooting session where professional model will be hired there as well. Out of courtesy, just tell them u would like to join them and ask for permission. Normally they will agree and allow u to join them without any fees since this is totally free photo shooting session. U can also discuss some technical issue regarding SLR with them, provided IF they can understand what u r talking about.

Without talking too much nonsense, the place is named "Sha Mian" (广州沙面)direct translate is "Sand Surface". This place is a small island where surrounded by river which was a very important place in the past for most of the embassy in the world. Please scroll down for pictures.

U may so surprise to say "I'm from Europe, still u want me take photo on european style building?" But my friend, don't forget this is canton, china where things r quite different compare with those in europe. At least, people around the place r chinese and the most important thing is, enjoy the environment. This is a very good place to practise ur shooting skill and take a rest after long distance walking.

Don't leave so early! Cos u won't want to come back same place twice! "Sha Mian" is just next to Pearl River so u can enjoy cruising accross Pearl River in the night and enjoy the beautiful scene. Cruise time is about 2 Hours and u can easily purchase the ticket on the spot. Just walk along the river side and u shall see the ticket booth. 

** Tips **
Price is different from various factor like, boat decoration, dinner or without, cruising time and company. So make sure u r clear on which boat u r paying and with dinner or without. 

How to get there?
Option A
Subway also, heading towards the station "Huang Sha" (广州黄沙地铁站), check with the those subway staff this sentence “我要去沙面古建筑群应该走哪个出口?” and they will definitely show u the right way.

Option B
Taxi, cost from Beijing Road to Sha Mian is around ¥15. It's very near distance from beijing road. Normally i will encourage my friends to walk there since u can witness the real "Old Canton" on the way towards Sha mian. But if u can't communicate in chinese, better don't.

Enjoy ur trip on Pearl River Night Cruise. It's from 1900-2200 so make sure u don't missed it. 

"It's Saturday night, i won't want to get on bed too early, any recommendation?"

All right, every saturday there will be a Salsa Class in Westin Hotel, Guangzhou. It's just in the Bar named QBAR operated in America Latino Style which very worth to pay a visit. No subway if u r so late after Pearl River Cruise, so just take taxi. 
Show this to the taxi driver 

U will be there. So enjoy a great salsa night there.

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How about hiking on Baiyun Mountain?

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let's Go Beijing!!

We r not going to do so without fully explore canton anyway, hehe...but i will keep my word by bringing u to the all-time famous BEJING ROAD IN CANTON!

It's almost similar to Shang Xia Jiu Lu (广州上下九路)where there r so much things u can choose as ur own or souvenir! For bargaining skill, same like yesterday, just refer back for details. Have a glimpse!

Hehehehe...surprise to see so much people around? Well it's a good experience to actually "rub shoulder" with so many people in a day. In fact, i personally feels that crowded also can adrenalize everything in ur body, including buying desire!

** Dangerous and Annoyance **
Always be very careful while encoutner so much of people around u since pick pocket incidence keep alarming the police station in Beijing Road. Be happy to shop, be happy to return. Don't end up with lossing in some valuable belongings.

** Must See Scene! **
Once u be there, don't forget to visit the ancient Officer Road (官路)which more than thousand years lying underneath ur feets. Y called Officer Road? It's direct translation from chinese where these roads only can be used by the government officer during the past. How to see that? Well, while enjoying shopping there, u can easily notice a giant glass in the middle of the path way, so that it is. Can't allocate? Check this out!

Y so special? This path not only consist of one dynasty but several! U can see Song Dynasty (宋朝), Ching Dynasty(清朝), Ming Dynasty(明朝)and of course, current millennium path way lying under on roof. It's very hard to witness the change of different dynasty engineering (road building) at once. So don't miss it!

How to get there?
Option A
I will bet u r so stubborn that haven't get the subway print out yet. But to be frank, i'm really a good soul, so don't forget to join as "follower" in my blog. Hehehehe....Thanks for ur support...Here is the subway map link:

Get on train anyway in canton, heading to the station named "Gong Yuan Qian" (广州地铁公园前站)direct translate will be "In front of the Garden". If u can't find, just follow the red line, then u will get it somewhere middle left hand side of the picture. 
Please be notice that u will not find any garden while arriving or outside the station.

"So y this name?"

"Please check with the Subway Corporation thanks." (hehehehe.....)

Option B
Use ur brain..................
Of course get a taxi and go...hehehe.....same as usual.. Beijing road is very near to Shang Xia Jiu Lu, so if u r going to take taxi over there, it will cost u around ¥15- ¥20 max.

Very very useful tips (U will regret if u don't read!)
While visiting Beijing Road, preferrable time is from 1000 - 1130, 2100 - 2230. 
As u can see from the picture, there are too many shopper visiting the place. So if u planed for cheaper stuff or u r ready for bargaining, u will lose most of the time due to heavy client flow. If the price doesn't suit u and pretend to go away, they won't stop u anyway. So please choose the right time for the right thing with the right skill. :)

1000 - 1130, shop just get open where very less shopper around so they have no choice but to comply ur offer since less buying lead.

2100-2230, shops r going to shut very soon, less shopper and cantonese always tend to "catch the last train" where any single cents he can make for today, it's in today's account. So ur offer will be very easy to get clicks.

Coming Up Next!
I want to feed my camera, any scenes?

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Twinkle twinkle jangle bangle little stars!

Hehe....soooooooooooo long the name, but suit completely what i'm going to pour here today. Yes, Girls' stuff, not interested? How about CHEAP GIRLS' STUFF?

"Oh...that rings a bell.........." hehe.....

Okay girls, what a shame if traveling overseas without souvenir to fellow girls? Believe me, U will get killed! 

Without much bullshiting, here we GO!

Heaven of earrings, hair accessory, jangle bangles and some sort, u can definitely visit to the place called "Shang Xia Jiu Lu" (Up Down Nine Road,上下九路). U will find there's some kind like "China Town" in US where a lot of stall vendors selling things that can be negotiate about the price. Speciality in canton is, u can bargain everywhere here including shops. 

"How to bargain?"

Well for place like this, what i did is, always divide the price they call to 4. For example, if they r calling for ¥100, i'll counter offer them ¥25. In this moment, u gotta be very focus how they can speak out the longest "NO" in the world u ever heard.


Then it's ur time to perform, stand still or turn and leave. Don't worry about u r going to miss something as u can always find the exactly same thing ahead of ur journey down the road. Yes, price is different from shop to shop so u will have to be more patient in shopping, the real SHOPPING (cos just shop...ing around with nothing to buy....hehehehhe.....)

** Tips for bargaining **

I) If u counter offer them the price (divided by 4) and they give u the longest 'no' u ever heard, turn and leave without saying much. IF they call u back and ask for what is ur 'better' price, stand still or give them 20% extra, in most of the case, u can seal the deal.

II) IF u leave without the vendor calling u for further negotiation, then the price u offer probably too low. So u have to do some homework here, find the same thing in other shop, give him better price, check the reaction. If found the reaction as I, seal the deal. Else, continue for II. 

Canton is so big where nothing u can't be found. So don't worry u can't manage to buy ur lovely product end of the day.

How to get there?
Where is ur subway map?!!! Still not print out yet?!?! faint......................

Option A
Well, the station is "Chang Shou Lu" (长寿路站). Follow the red line (on the subway map!...where is ur map?!?!!) then u can manage to find this station. Get off the station, ask people by pointing to this sentence “我要去上下九路” means i want to go Shang Xia Jiu Lu. Let the people show u how. Since there will be quite a distance from subway station to the spot. 

Option B
Or recommended to take taxi, where from Teemall to Shang Xia Jiu Lu will cost u around ¥45. It's quite a long distance from Teemall. 

This place sound good, any similar place where i can find accessory, cloth, souvenir and something special?

Well u r asking the rite question!

Coming up next!
Let's go BEIJING!! .....??

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Holy shit! I'm drown!!

Drown in canton couldn't be any easier since population is everything here. 

"Where to get drown?"

"Shopping area"

Shopping in canton always enjoyable and the most important thing is ---- cheap. Well don't get excited so fast! U will never find cheap branded goods here, i'm talking about worldwide brand not local brand. LV, GUCCI, FENDI, ARMANI, DUNHILL, MONT BLANC, and so on, name it. From what i get to know, import duty for those branded commodities are higher that's y u can buy those thing here but...............in Hong Kong - Shopping Heaven!

We r not going to discuss more on Hong Kong but just want to share u this information that IF u really want to go Hong Kong, just head to "Guangzhou Dong Zhan" (Guangzhou East Railway Station), u can easily noticed express train from canton to hong kong every 8 minutes, to be exact. Make sure the ticket u purchase stated train number with initial "D", for instance: D309, D310, D389...... "D" stand for "Dong Che Zu" (Bullet train - latest train in china).How to get there? Probably u should revise back my previous post for "Subway Map". Print it out, it's very useful anyway. 

For a travelling around 2 hours, u will reach to border in shenzhen and hong kong. I won't talk much about that. 

So let get back to shopping.

Basically in asia region, the most famous shopping mall will be Jusco of Aeon Corporation (chinese name - 佳世客). U can easily find whatever u want (international item) here if u r from oceania and asia. If u r looking for typical european stuff, there's a giant shopping mall here named "Metro"(chinese name - 麦特龙), origin from Germany. Jusco outlook like this:

See "Jusco" word on top right corner? There it is. For "Metro", i'm so sorry folks, can't manage to get the picture so can't show up here.

Shopping period for traveller should be from 1100 - 1500 during work day since most of the people will be out for work and this give u most convenience moment u barely have. Saturday and sunday shopping trip will make ur life even miserable, like what i've mentioned in the title, drown.

How to get there?

Option A, Subway.
Take out ur "Subway Map" (Still not print out yet?!?!) U can easily notice there r centre interchange for "Blue" line and "Red" line named "Ti Yu Xi Lu" (体育西路), that's the station u need to get off the train. Go up to the exit and follow the sign (佳世客)or Jusco or exit A. So u r there.

Option B, Taxi.
All u need to do is, get a taxi, drop urself in the vehicle and pointing this “体育西路天河城” to the driver, u will be there, sooner or later. Depend on ur face. hehehe...maybe the taxi driver will take u one day trip of canton city and charge u hefty tariff. But don't be too worry, normally they won't be too much, maybe just ¥15- ¥20 more expensive to others, u can arrive safely. No problem on safety issue.

** Tips for taxi ride: **
Majority of the taxi in canton are green in color. But if u can't read chinese still worrying about midnight ride, better try to look for taxi in this colors: red, blue and yellow. These are standardize taxi company with only one color for all its cars. But if u were talking about green in color taxi, plenty company for that, since u can't read chinese, better don't try those during midnight for safety reason.

** ATM machines **
U can easily find a lot of atm machines in Jusco/Teemall. For international bank, u can find HSBC and Stardard Charted atm at ground floor close to exit. Most of the local atm machine can support PLUS function for credit card (cash advance) and atm card (normal withdrawal)

After all those above, let's enjoy ur shopping for international brand (if u r not going to hong kong). 

IF u r looking for cheap accessory for girls, stay tune for our next chapter, 

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