Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Friend told me buying SLR lense and accessory in canton is cheap?

The best thing for travelling is photo shooting which used up all my times in most of the places i visited. A better lens and camera comes into picture in this case. I'm Canon's big fans who using 400D body together with 18-55mm F3.5-5.5 kit lens plus 70-200mm F4L lens. I'm always looking for better solution for my skill in photo shooting and i found a wonderful place in canton which provide me a lot informations and affordable price for lens. A good lens does help u for better image quality and the most original emotions if u were fans for potrait. Since i'm not a good lens reviewer, it's better for me to concentrate in this topic, hehehe........

Well, buying a lens or camera / SLR accessory couldn't be easier in canton since the price also drive u crazy. Yes, it's original product from canon factory which is not what u always found outside the market, duplicate.

Name of this place is "Sheng Xian She Ying Qi Cai Cheng" (盛贤摄影器材城)means Sheng Xian photographing Equipment City. U can easily found all kind of accessory u want here with affordable price and yes, u also need to bargain. Bargaining is just like taking breakfast which u need to practise it everyday in china. Without bargain, u couldn't get better price and no one will appreciate ur kindness.

This place only well known by those professional photographer who always looking for lens and equipment in their studios. That's y u can hardly notice foreigner hanging around and this is also one of the reason y whenever u ask them to quote price for a stuff, there will always be a big room for negotiationg. 

How to get there?
Alright, u only have one option here, taxi. Since there no subway station in 1km radius so taxi always be the best solution. But u should think it like this, u get better price for lens and pay the taxi fare by using the bucks u've saved. I tell u what, after deduct of taxi fare, u r still earning much compare with buying same stuff in ur own country. Taxi fare from Teemall to the photographic city will cost u around ¥35. Show the driver following sentence for direction.


Coming Up Next:
Can i owned some leather stuff since canton is major city for exporting leather product and so forth?

Stay Tune!

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