Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Canton = Yeong Sheng ?!

Every city have its landmark for certain reason where canton also having the same. It's call "Yang Cheng" (in Mandarin). "Yeong sheng" (in Cantonese). Direct translate into english is "Goat City". 

This is acquired from an ancient story that:

"Once upon a time five celestial beings in colorful robes were riding through the air on the backs of five flying male goats. Each goat carried in his mouth a stem of rice to guarantee that the place they chose to land would ever be free from famine (not Melamine, by the way). "

"Finding a spot to their liking with sub-tropical climate combined with a rich delta land and a long coastline, they landed and named the spot Goat City.  Since this fabled landing, the area has produced an abundance of fruits, vegetables and fish. The happy circumstance is that the people here have been well fed and have created an astonishing cuisine enjoyed throughout the world."

Simple and clear, don't u think so? Here is the photo of those five goats.

Whaaoo..... what a spectacular goats statue ........

See a stem of rice in goats' mouth? Now u know y..... This is the official landmark for Canton and u can easily see this during Asian Games hold in Canton 2010. The official logo is as below:

Mascot Logo as below:

So now u know how important these goats' impression to the cantonese. However, don't be worry that you can enjoy delicious lamb steak here. U are very welcome to try and in fact, canton did the best chinese cuisine in the world.

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