Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome to Canton!

Nei Hou, probably this is the sentence you will hear almost everywhere in Canton or well known as Guangzhou, PRC means "How Are You?" as former greeting word while meeting each other.

Guangzhou(in present chinese 广州, traditional chinese 廣州)formerly known as Canton in the past. Well, i believe most of the non-chinese language speaker must feel very tough to speak Guangzhou rather than Canton. This is why people prefer to pronounce Canton.

Yes, you can pronounce Guangzhou in Chinese-style (or in China known as "Pinyin")

"Guangzhou", in english "Gu-un-g-zu-o". Sound difficult? It just the beginning. Let's give some exercise to your tongue. In Cantonese (Canton language), "Gu-wong-za-o"

Alright folks, let check out how Canton looks like....

See the red dot? Yeah! you are right, that' s Guangzhou/Canton. (remember how to pronounce?)

I'm here since 2006 for working reason, so why not let me become your tour guide right here, right now? 

I won't talk too much about history, background, how this, how that. For that kind of information, please visit to Wikipedia free online source at the following link:

My job here is to show you a genuine local cantonese daily lifestyle with unformal writing behaviour. It's daily update, so lay on ur back and enjoy!

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