Friday, October 31, 2008

Where should we put up a night honey?

Frequently asked question. Once come to accomdation, canton have plenty of it. So cheap and neat. These hotels, motels, guest houses (normally u won't want to stay there) are priced reasonably and attractive enough. Here is two choices having large chain network in China:

(Doesn't counted according to rank)

1) 7 Days Inn (
2) Motel 168 (

Tariff range from ¥158 - ¥300 depend on ur requirement. They are really big chain in China where u can easily found them in every city. 

Here is some photos of Motel 168

Photos for 7 days inn

Nothing luxury can say here but neat and tidy. Most important value is "Cheap".

Y so cheap? Will it be dangerous to stay at such cheap place?

Well, this question bothering me as well while i decided to put up a night there. But after 2 and a half year being here, i manage to find out y....

There r so many businessmen, sales personnels and some kind of others 'mobile' person in china moving around. As u know china is so big that u will need to fly 4 hours from southest to northest as domestic flight, they need to put up a night at destination. 

So here is the answer, demand for cheaper and cheaper hotel, motels and guest houses (for low end sales guy) getting higher. They are very frequent guest to the motel and that's y most of the motel u can find in lower price. Staying in hotel and motel just another kind of daily activity here, nothing special. So the price come down. Simple as that.

As u known, businessmen are around. So the room also provide free internet service ADSL cable connection type or WiFi wireless, depend on which outlet u r staying. 


  1. 7 Days Inn look not bad leh...hmmm...can ask u to book for me when I'm going to visit GuangZhou...hehe :P

  2. No problem! Just let me know ur schedule while coming!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, i am estela's friend from university.

    I would like go to Canton if I have chance.

    by the way, I am a female.. hehe.. :D