Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3 mm or 3 inch (money thickness) ?

U will never want to enjoy lobster, giant squid, fantastic but wallet diet program fancy food during ur budget trip rite? That doesn't make any sense at all, so today we are going to discuss something cheaper for traveller!

In canton, outlooking and renovation (talking about the restaurant) is everything in price. If u want clean and comfortable dining environment, u gotta pay for it. What price? It could range from ¥300- ¥1000 per a table of 4. Depend on what u ordered, where is it. 

There's a saying in china,

"You can never find any free lunch anywhere here."

So ur wallet have to do all the talking here. But i personally feels that, if u r a real traveller, u should really try to suit urself in the local culture rather than enjoying those privileges maybe granted from ur Visa Platinum, Master Platinum or American Express. At least, give it a try for what on earth the local consuming here.

Truth No.1
Price = Environment
Have a look below!

Exterior $$$$$ vs $

Interior $$$$$ vs $

Kitchen $$$$$ vs $

So tell me now, which one u will prefer? Well, if u have 3 inch, u can take $$$$$ rated restaurant. But if u only have 3 mm, better go for the second choice. I'm telling the truth, in fact to taste the real china, u should really take the second. Everything is original without fabulous decoration as for local (i'm talking about the lower level society), keep their tummy filled is everything, nothing fancy. So this is what we called "Real".

There r several different cooking style u can find here. Please follow me for detail explaination.
i) Cantonese style (Yue Style/粤菜)
ii) Hunan style (Xiang Style/湘菜)
iii) Si Chuan style (Chuan Style/川菜)
iv) Dong Bei style (Northeast Style/东北菜)

What is the meaning for Yue, Xiang, Chuan, Northeast??

Basically in china there are so many provinces and everyone of them have the history years back. However, the present government tend to allocate "Province Code" to each province in order to have better categorize system. This also apply to car number plate. We won't discuss far about this matter here.


  1. in fact, a lot of people will go for 3mm. after all, it's budget trip..how to afford 3 inches? hehehe....