Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yue-Style (Cantonese Style)

Of course u have to try Yue-Style at first place cos u r in canton! Yue-style always attract a lot of food-chaser all around the world. The must-try Yue-Style food early in the morning 7am is always heard cantonese breakfast, DIM SUM.

Direct translation will be, "Dedicated Work". Cantonese Si Fu put all their heart into this small little beautiful refreshment breakfast. Cantonese tend to eat DIM SUM as their breakfast especially during saturday and sunday due to off working day. DIM SUM is very nice and special for European and let's have a look on how is it:

Oppss....sorry... my tummy is annoying now...(dam it....)

U never taste it, u never know. Imagine all these things r just breakfast, oh my god.... now only u know y cantonese's saying "Nothing is impossible to be eaten"...hehe.. in fact, we should thanks to the Si Fu here whom make things looks so pretty besides taste.

For ur information, in canton, the real exam for a qualified chef is to make the food comply to 5 elements.

"Outlook" (How is it looks like before anything else)
"Smell" (How is it smell like before put in mouth)
"Taste" (How is it taste like in mouth)
"Coloring" (Not talking about putting artificial coloring but all organic color)
"Impression" (What impression to be deliver to the judges by the chef)

That's the requirement in order to become a real chef in china. But Dim Sum's requirement r even tougher!

Cos the chef will need to minimize everything and limited only in a bamboo basket. Size? Look at those pictures above.

Other tough requirements for Dim Sum r, delicate shouldn't be too oily, easy to be digest, small enough, delicacy, fresh in outlook and in mouth both, and so on.

What take to be a real cantonese chef? 

5-10 years of 

ii) Food selection.
iii) Normal frying skill.
iv) Wrist power training.
v) Stewing.
vii) Quick-frying skill.
viii) Ability to handle all kind of animals and vegetables. (Whatever meat u can say).
ix) Deep-frying skill.
x) Water Steaming (Cook in the water).
xi) Water-evaporate Steaming (Cook without in-touch with water).
And the most important thing is, SEASONING.

U can taste same food everywhere in china without same taste (whereas it suppose to be same). Y? Simple:


Different seasoning and timing would change the appearance, the taste, the smell, the overall outlook and the feeling. And this also explained y foreigner never cook as good as chinese Nationality not even chinese from other country!

Well, we know what to head for breakfast, how about lunch and dinner? 
Coming up next! 
Stay tuned!


  1. those only for breakfast? wow...
    i miss chinese food now...

  2. wow!! look very yummy yummy!! 口水快流出来了。。。哈哈!

  3. i understand ur feeling there kikey, cos while i was in india last time also have this kind of feeling, missing chinese food a lot!! hahaha...but u can always list down what u want to eat before coming back malaysia, then ajak all fren join u while here!